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elevatıon — distributor of world brands in the local market.
We are looking for and bring interesting brands to Ukraine.

How we work?
We treat brands as children. So we invest money, love and imagination in each brand on our own, so that people can love them with absolute love.

Marketing & Research (M&R) department
The guys analyze the product, monitor the market, competitors, and collect more than 10 metrics. The result of the work is a document that makes it clear what we will do with the brand locally.
Сreative department
The creative department should come up with the best, most accurate way to uncover the idea for the end customer, explain w explain why you need to make a choice in favor of this brand. They must find a display of the brand in the head of the person who will buy it.
Own production (photo and video)
At this stage, the guys create fiery content for social networks, videos for YouTube, a banner for the GDN, E-mails and everything that can and will be used in advertising campaigns.
Media Planners
The media planner creates a promotional plan for all retailer partners and monitors its implementation.

Salesperson Training and Motivation
We understand that even if you made a cool advertising campaign, everything may not go according to plan due to an untrained seller.

Product training and motivation to implement.
Create printed and video instructions for sellers.
We provide transparent personal motivation of sellers in retail.

Can't go it alone.
We have a wide network of partners in all segments of commerce. Partners are the way to a vast media space with lots of people on the other side. We select partners individually for each brand.

Top 5 largest retailers in Ukraine
Total retailer partners in Ukraine
60 million
Total number of people who visit partners per month
Some of our guys
We treat each brand as a child and the child must be loved.
Hey Clay (Lipaka)
Interactive educational game worlds for children.

Brand of premium accessories for Apple products.
Extra-strong cable for smartphone with eternal warranty.
British manufacturer of audio headsets for audiophiles.
Magnetic construction set in the pixel art style.
Brands Play
And others
If you are interested in our cheerful company and you would like to work with us, then leave your contact details.

For questions and meetings, please contact with a note in the subject line «I want to Pepperoni».
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